1.How to Place an Order Online?


To Place an order Online, direct msg in our page m.me/girlsontop.com.bd book an order from us by filling out a Customer Information form and proceeding to check out.

OR Call at the Online Department number of GOT 013039239407 and send the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Product Picture and Code
  3. Preferred size
  4. Address
  5. Contact Number

2.In How many days will I receive my Order?

It takes 3-4 Working Days for you to receive your order when you get the Confirmation Text. However, we do offer urgent delivery only when our Online Representative has been asked!



3.How will I know that my order has been confirmed?

You will receive an Order Confirmation text from GOT Online Department or  Call  from our Online Team for which you have to reply with YES for Order Confirmation.



4.WhWe offer inside dhaka city  Shipping charge 80tk & outside of dhaka 150tk.at are the Delivery Charges?


5.What are the Payment Methods

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. bKash

6.Partnered Delivery Companies

Girls on top is partnered only with the following Delivery Companies:

  1. Pathao ltd

7.Do We Offer Pre-Booking of any Products Online?

8’Can I change or cancel my order?

  1. Our Online representative will Call/Sms the Confirmation Text.
  2. The GOT Parcel is  pack with GOT Box only.  No partnered delivery service parcel is used.
  3. A Slip is attached on the box when delivered.

** In Case of After Purchase Complaints/Feedback for both Outlet Shopping OR Online Shopping, our Customer Care Department is always there to assist.

       Contact Number: 01303923940

       Email: girlsontop.bd@gmail.com

9.Emergency contact number?

       Contact Number: 01303923940

       Email: girlsontop.bd@gmail.com